My Year as WM

My year as Master was very enjoyable; it was certainly one of the most exhilarating experiences I have encountered in my life so far.

It was a test of patience and character and brought out certain characteristic in me that I was not aware I possessed.

People tell you what it will be like, but I did not fully comprehend how much it has dominated my everyday life over the past twelve months. Even to the point of missing a few home games watching my beloved Manchester United.

I always thought that Freemasonry was just about reading the”Blue Book” and learn a few pages and reciting them “Parrot Fashion” but it was much more than that.

During my year as Master I was amazed at the respect and welcome that was given to me, especially when I visited other Lodges,  and also the level of esteem that Quadrant Lodge is afforded by other Lodges throughout the Province.

The experience of being installed in the chair of King Solomon was surpassed by the experience of installing my successor Bro. Michael Wenmwan in the chair on the 14th April 2012.

They say you are never too old to learn, in my case it was true,  especially over the last 12 months as Master of Quadrant Lodge.
Tony Hankinson