What is a Mason?

This is a question we have all been asked, usually it is closely followed by, are you a secret society. The second question is always easy to answer, no we are not otherwise people would not know of our existence. The first question is, however, much more difficult to answer. The easiest thing to say is that Masonry is all things to all men, but that is of little help to a young man contemplating becoming a mason. What I will do is attempt to explain what masonry is to me.

First and foremost, to me it means Charity. Yes we hold our meetings and have a great deal of fun in so doing. However there is an aim and that is to raise money for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. It is true that we help fellow masons who may be on hard times. We also help the families of masons who may well need assistance. I am very proud of that fact and equally proud that this organisation and Quadrant Lodge is very supportive of many other non-masonic charities.

Secondly it means Commitment, a commitment to attend meetings regularly. When at those meeting to take part in what is taking place with the same commitment we would to our friends and family. However never losing sight of the important factor that our first duty is always to our family. If asked to do something in the lodge, do it with good grace and to the best of our ability. Rest assured if you ask some one to do some thing for you they will if at all possible do so and to the best of their ability.

Thirdly it means Character, often I see young men join the lodge and the work they are encouraged to undertake, causes then to blossom as a man. They master difficulties they never dreamed they could. The shy become able public speakers, those who feel learning s beyond them master great pieces of written work and deliver it with a skill and eloquence they never dreamed they were capable of.

Fourthly it means Companionship. I have been in masonry since 1985 and in the time I have been a mason I have made many good and true friends. Friends who have stayed with me through thick and thin. Friends who just by a quiet work or a nod of the head have indicated that what ever problems I may be experiencing, should I need assistance all I need to do is ask. Assistance which is unconditional, often not publicly acknowledged by the giver or receiver, for that matter.

Finally it means Camaraderie I have visited many lodges other than my own over the years, both in this country and ‘down under’. When ever have visited a lodge I have always been made welcome, warmly greeted and made to feel at home. There is a camaraderie about masonry that I enjoy and makes meĀ  feel glad that I joined this organisation. I for one am glad it is not a secret organisation, for if it were, I would have never found out about it. I would have missed out on a great deal over the last twenty eight years.

W. Bro. Tom Mather