Quadrant Lodge History

The formation of Quadrant Lodge evolved following enthusiastic discussions between a small group of six brethren, rapidly encompassing a further twenty members embracing the philosophy of Freemasonry who were to become the six original Founders. Melita Lodge very kindly became the sponsoring Lodge.

Worshipful Bro. R.M. Nicholls P.Pr.G.D., Worshipful Bro. T. Ralph P.Pr.G.D., Worshipful Bro. H. Kenyon P.Pr.G.D., Worshipful Bro.T. Beresford P.Pr.A.G. REG., Worshipful Bro. W. Wilson P.Pr.G.D., Bro. P.S. Walker were all members of The Fylde Group Lodge of Instruction.

It was their wish to found a new Lodge that worked strict Emulation Ritual. The remaining twenty brethren were quickly persuaded to join a Lodge working to such high standards, being a considerable asset and attraction to Freemasonry in general, and to The Fylde Group in particular.

These spirited and committed pioneers held several committee meetings within their homes, bouncing off ideas, spreading their fascination with the concept of a new Lodge.

They were ably assisted by their wives who contributed by holding Social Evenings, Coffee Mornings etc., to promote and kindle their fervour over the ensuing twenty years.

A petition was presented to The Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Bro. Lawrence Edgar Rutherford with regard to a Consecration date. It was decided that Thursday 14 October 1965 would be appropriate.

During the preparatory period, equipment needed to be purchased and made. Necessary items including wood, columns, tracing boards etc. were made by an excellent local craftsman, Worshipful Bro. Thomas Walsh, a founder member. He created many items for our Masonic Hall in St. Annes. One of the popular and most widely used ones being the Bar!

Since the date was set and arrangements were made, the Founders set about organising rehearsals for the big occasion. These were to be held on Thursdays and Fridays, prior to the Lodge Meeting on Thursdays. Woe betide any slackers. The keenness and enthusiasm of the Founders was such that, no matter which rank he held, a Brother who failed to attend both practices, would certainly not be permitted to complete the intended job on Lodge nights. Those were the days. Discipline at its best.

The big day duly arrived. The Provincial Team were in attendance for the Consecration of the Lodge. The Master Designate was Worshipful Bro. Thomas Ralph P.Pr.G.D., who would duly appoint and invest the officers of the Lodge.

Following completion of the work, the brethren retired for refreshments and the Festive Board.

Quadrant Lodge has been blessed with two outstanding members, who have both attained the high rank of Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

The only surviving member (and also Honorary Member) Worshipful Bro. Peter Stuart Walker P.S.G.D, P.A.Pr.G.M. contributed to the excellent workings, not only to Quadrant Lodge, but also to Kilgrimol and Aemulantes Lodges from 1958 to the present day, having been initiated into the former and become a Founder of the latter. An exceptional personal achievement.

Our Senior Member, Worshipful Bro. Terry Hudson P.S.G.D., Ass.Pr.G.M. was present at the Consecration of Quadrant Lodge as a guest and was our first joining member. His many positions in Quadrant Lodge and in the Group System have demonstrated his total dedication and ability to achieve the highest honours in Freemasonry.

Worshipful Bro. Walker and Worshipful Bro. Hudson have both been prominent from the very beginning, providing untold help and assistance to many brethren, especially to those of lesser ability.

The future of the Quadrant Lodge will now be strengthened by the Amalgamation of Kilgrimol and Aemulantes Lodges on 22nd May 2008.

We look forward to many harmonious years working together towards the practice of every moral and social virtue on which the foundation of Freemasonry rests.

W.Bro. Jack Blackburn PPrSGW