Four In A Row

It is pleasing to record that Quadrant Lodge No 8044 are going through a "purple patch" of initiation ceremonies...continue reading

An anthology of the first 50 years of Quadrant Lodge...continue reading
Trio of firsts at Quadrant

The first meeting of the new year for Quadrant Lodge No 8044 was also the first meeting of the year to be held at The Palace, St Anne's... continue reading
Golden Jubilee

Brethren came from all across the Province to the Palace at St Annes, eager to share in the celebrations marking the 50 year landmark.... continue reading
Geoffrey Lee's Speech

It is my very great honour to propose a toast to the health of Terry Hudson on his fiftieth anniversary, of whom it has been said that at the age of 6 he wanted to be a train driver... continue reading
My Year In Office

My year as Master was very enjoyable; it was certainly one of the most exhilarating experiences I have encountered in my life so far.... continue reading
Quadrant Lodge Installation 2012

Mike Wenman was installed as Master of Quadrant Lodge No. 8044 by his predecessor Tony Hankinson in a delightful Ceremony... continue reading
The Start of a Grand Adventure?

On the 6th January 2011, I was initiated into Freemasonry in Quadrant Lodge No 8044, having been sponsored by W Bro David Lawn... continue reading
St. Annes Palace

Quadrant Lodge No.8044 meets at St. Annes Palace in Garden Street in the centre of St. Annes in a conservation area.... continue reading
Quadrant Double Joy

The New Year meeting of Quadrant Lodge No.8044 was extremely enjoyable for two reasons. Firstly, a splendid second degree ceremony... continue reading
Masonry Down Under

We often talk of masonry being ‘universal’ and recently I had the opportunity to witness this fact at first hand. At the beginning of February 2010 I returned... continue reading
Redecoration of The Palace

In the late summer of 2009 there was a significant refurbishment to the entrance hall of The Palace and the stairway and the main lobby.  The blue room and the bar were totally redecorated... continue reading
A Year as Worshipful Master

My year as SW was quickly drawing to a close and I was beginning to get nervous about the forthcoming installation meeting. I was to become the first MM to be... continue reading
What is a Mason?

This is a question we have all been asked, usually it is closely followed by, are you a secret society. The second question is always easy to answer.... continue reading