The Start Of A Grand Adventure?

On the 6th January 2011, I was initiated into Freemasonry in Quadrant Lodge No 8044, having been sponsored by W Bro David Lawn, who also did me the honour of conducting the Initiation Ceremony, and seconded by W Bro Arthur Halstead.

This was followed by a fairly intense learning curve as I attempted to get to grips with the appropriate words and actions which would allow me to make a worthwhile contribution to Freemasonry. I was given the honour of performing the First Degree Tools on a number of occasions including at the Installation Ceremony when W Bro Tony Hankinson was installed as WM.


I applied myself during the summer recess and was Passed in the Second Degree on 6th October 2011 with the Ceremony being conducted by my Sponsor W Bro David Lawn.

Following the social events of the Christmas and New Year period I was further honoured by being Raised to the 3rd Degree on 2nd February 2012 in a brilliant Ceremony conducted in superb fashion by W Bro John Chapman PPrGStwd, ably supported by W Bro Albert Cherry  PPrGSuptWks, who gave an explanation of the Traditional History. The memory of the Raising Ceremony will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Finally, on the 1st March 2012 I was presented with my Grand Lodge Certificate, my passport to Freemasonry, by W Bro Tony Hankinson, WM of Quadrant Lodge No 8044. The attached photograph shows me being presented with my Certificate by W Bro Tony Hankinson, observed by W Bro Ian Ward.

I am now trying to get my head around the many aspects of Freemasonry which have been revealed to me and look forward to learning ever more and to being able to participate fully and contribute as much as possible to this ancient fraternity where I have already made so many new friends.

Yours fraternally

Bro John Bainbridge